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Love Bath Bomb 50mg

Love Bath Bomb 50mg

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Fall in love with the delicate and dreamy scents of rosemary, geranium, and rose petals! Our Love Spell bomb contains 50mgs of CBD and is chock full of thoughtful and nourishing essential oils that work together to help you achieve bright, radiant skin and a healthy moisturized scalp. 

This love potion is concocted with immunity-boosting rosehip, Epsom salts, and CBD which can reduce inflammation, muscle aches, and pain. Absorbing CBD through the skin relaxes muscles, reduces headaches, and can even help improve sleep. CBD is great for cuts and sores, aches and pains, and even brain function. We also include Palmarosa, which smells herbal and sweet and is full of vitamins that help to treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Best of all, each thoughtful scent is an aphrodisiac, making Love Spell a great choice for an intimate, calming bath alone or with your significant other. 


Baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, mineral pigment, palmarosa, rosemary, and rosehip essential oils. Topped with rose scented salts and rose petals

Broad Spectrum, No THC