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CBD for Nerve Symptoms: 4 Key Points to Keep in Mind

Your nervous system acts as your body's communications network. When problems develop in any part of this elaborate network, you can experience a wide range of issues, from weakness or paralysis in your arms or legs to chronic nerve pain that impairs your quality of life and may resist conventional treatment methods. Fortunately, an over-the-counter hemp derivative called cannabidiol (or CBD) may offer safe, effective relief from neuropathy symptoms such as pain, tingling, and numbness. If you have never heard of CBD or considered it as a treatment for nerve dysfunction, take heed of the following four points on the subject.

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4 Chronic Pain Problems That May Respond to CBD

Chronic pain (pain that lingers for more than three months) affects over 20 percent of Americans. Eight percent of those individuals suffer from high-impact symptoms, with 84 percent of those high-impact sufferers unable to work outside of their homes. Cannabidiol (CBD) may offer some relief from certain chronic pain issues.

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4 Powerful CBD Benefits for Athletes

If you make physical activity a priority, you may already know how your overall health and wellness affect your athletic performance for better and for worse. Individuals who make extreme demands on their bodies often experience pain, inflammation, disrupted sleep, emotional stress, and aching muscles that need extensive recovery time. Fortunately, products that feature cannabidiol (better known as CBD) can help you maintain a happier, healthier, and more functional physical and mental state, whether you just compete professionally or just play sports for fun. Check out the following four ways that CBD can help you improve your game. 1. Pain and Inflammation Management Any physical activity that strains muscles or connective tissues creates inflammation as a side effect of the...

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3 Guidelines to Follow When Using CBD Products for Your Dog

Many individuals use CBD (cannabidiol) to alleviate physical and mental health woes. However, CBD products can also help your four-legged family members feel their best. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and will not cause your pet to feel high. Many dog owners find that CBD products improve symptoms related to anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, seizures, and limited mobility. Here are a few guidelines to follow when using CBD products for your dog.  1. Stick with CBD Products That are Labeled for Pet Use When selecting CBD products to give your pooch, look for products that are specifically labeled for consumption by or use on pets. These products have been reviewed to ensure that they don't contain any additives...

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