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4 Ways CBD Can Help You Fight Addiction

Approximately one out of every seven Americans suffers from addiction to one or more substances. The substances in question may include alcohol, opioid medications, and illicit drugs. Of those afflicted with this problem, only about 10 percent get the treatment they need for their particular addiction or addictions. If you struggle with a dependence on alcohol or drugs but haven't hit on a means of breaking that destructive cycle, you might find your answer in cannabidiol (CBD). Here are four ways that this legal, non-psychoactive cannabinoid can help you move away from dangerous drugs toward a healthier, happier life

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4 Ways to Take CBD: Which Makes Sense for You?

If you've heard about the many potential health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), you may wonder where to start with this natural health derivative. In addition to understanding what problems CBD might help you with, you must also choose between the various ways you can consume this substance. Different CBD delivery methods have their own pros and cons depending on your goals, expectations, and preferences. Take a look at the four main ways most people take CBD, and learn how quickly each method works and what conditions might benefit more from specific approaches.

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CBD for Nerve Symptoms: 4 Key Points to Keep in Mind

Your nervous system acts as your body's communications network. When problems develop in any part of this elaborate network, you can experience a wide range of issues, from weakness or paralysis in your arms or legs to chronic nerve pain that impairs your quality of life and may resist conventional treatment methods. Fortunately, an over-the-counter hemp derivative called cannabidiol (or CBD) may offer safe, effective relief from neuropathy symptoms such as pain, tingling, and numbness. If you have never heard of CBD or considered it as a treatment for nerve dysfunction, take heed of the following four points on the subject.

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4 Chronic Pain Problems That May Respond to CBD

Chronic pain (pain that lingers for more than three months) affects over 20 percent of Americans. Eight percent of those individuals suffer from high-impact symptoms, with 84 percent of those high-impact sufferers unable to work outside of their homes. Cannabidiol (CBD) may offer some relief from certain chronic pain issues.

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