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How to Care for Your New CBD Products

How should you care for your CBD products? Whether you have oils, lotions, gummies, or another item to store, take a look at the top tips to keep these infused products safe.

Move the Products Away From Moisture

Moisture won't help to keep most bath and body, beauty, and natural support products safe. CBD-infused items are no different. A high humidity or damp environment may allow moisture into the product. This can damage the integrity or the balance of an oil, cream, lotion, or edible item.

To safely store your CBD purchase, choose a low- or no-moisture space. Avoid humid bathroom cabinets, a damp basement, or under a leaky kitchen sink. A hallway closet, bedroom dresser drawer, or dry kitchen pantry are examples of safer storage areas.

Store the Products Away From Light

Like moisture, direct sunlight may decrease or damage the integrity of a CBD-containing product. Constant light exposure, and the heat that goes along with it, can oxidize the oil. This destabilizes the item and can lead to evaporation. The end result is a decrease in the CBD oil's effectiveness.

To get the most from your CBD-containing purchase, store all items away from any light source. While a bathroom or bedroom windowsill may seem like an easy storage option, hours of daytime sunlight can cause problems for your products. The same spaces that can keep your CBD items safe from moisture (closets, drawers, and pantries) can also protect them from light-related evaporation and damage.

Keep the Products Far From Heat

Light isn't the only heat source in your home. Along with safe, light-free storage, keep your CBD oil, lotions, or other item far from anything that gives off heat. These sources could include a radiator, heating vent, baseboard heater, clothes dryer, some types of small appliances or electronics, or the furnace.

Even though a closet or dresser drawer can protect your CBD products from moisture and light, never choose one of these options that's also near a heat source. This means the dresser next to your bedroom's heater isn't a first-choice storage space. Instead, select a closet or drawer with a temperate (medium temperature) environment.

Remove the Products Carefully

Does your CBD-containing cream come in a jar or similar type of container? If you're tempted to simply scoop out the products with your hands, think again. While your fingers are effective tools to get the product from the container to your body, they can also introduce potentially harmful microorganisms into the mix.

Always thoroughly wash and dry your hands before using your CBD product. Wet or damp hands can introduce excess moisture, reducing the effectiveness of the products or resulting in premature breakdown. If you don't want to use your hands, choose a clean and dry tool such as a spoon, wide craft stick, or other similar applicator.

Inspect the Products Often

An expiration date on a CBD product's packaging doesn't always indicate whether the product is fresh or at its most potent. A careful inspection (before use) can help you to judge whether the item is in peak condition or not.

Fogginess, distinct color changes, or a clear separation between the oil and the rest of the product are signs to watch out for. These issues could come from a breakdown of ingredients and may signal a potency loss. This means you won't get the most out of your CBD product. If you see these (or any other) clear consistency changes, it's time to get rid of the item and buy a new one.

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