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4 Ways to Take CBD: Which Makes Sense for You?

If you've heard about the many potential health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), you may wonder where to start with this natural health derivative. In addition to understanding what problems CBD might help you with, you must also choose between the various ways you can consume this substance.

Different CBD delivery methods have their own pros and cons depending on your goals, expectations, and preferences. Take a look at the four main ways most people take CBD, and learn how quickly each method works and what conditions might benefit more from specific approaches.

1. Vaping

Vaping has grown into a popular means of inhaling both nicotine and other substances. Tobacco smokers looking to kick the habit, for instance, often turn to vape pens and e-cigarettes that deliver the nicotine without the other cancer-causing agents. You can fill your vape pen with cartridges of CBD made for inhalation.

Inhaled CBD tends to start doing its work in the body more rapidly than other CBD delivery methods. The CBD travels directly to the lungs, which absorb it almost instantly and transfer it to the bloodstream. As a result, you may experience the benefits of your vaped CBD within minutes as opposed to hours.

If you choose to vape your CBD, order this kind of product only from a trusted brand and provider. The FDA doesn’t regulate non-prescription CBD, so you need to do your own research. Make sure the product contains no Vitamin E, an unnecessary additive that can cause serious lung problems.

2. Edibles

CBD comes in many kinds of edible products. You can choose from CBD gummies, CBD chocolates, CBD beverages, and even straightforward CBD capsules if you'd rather just gulp the substance down. All of these options work the same way: they are broken down by stomach acids and then processed by the liver.

The digestive processes required by edibles tend to delay the onset of the CBD's benefits. A typical CBD gummy or other edible can take a couple of hours to work. However, the effects can also last for several hours, making edibles a wise choice for the management of chronic pain, mood issues, and other ongoing problems.

How effectively your edibles work depends on how well your body absorbs them. Because cannabinoids bind to fats, you may get more satisfying results if you consume something fatty as you take your edible (unless the product already provides its own fats or carrier oil).

3. Tinctures

A tincture consists of a substance dissolved in alcohol and is usually contained in a dropper bottle. You consume a CBD tincture by holding a few drops of the oil under your tongue before finally swallowing the dose. The blood vessels in your mouth absorb the CBD directly, without waiting for digestive processes to go to work.

CBD tinctures have the advantage of faster, more efficient absorption by the body than edibles can provide. However, once swallowed, they also provide some of the long-lasting action you'd expect from an edible. This double onset makes tinctures equally good for acute and chronic health and wellness challenges.

Keep in mind that, while edibles come in pre-set potency levels and dosage sizes, tinctures rely on the user's ability to calculate and administer the right size of dose. Use the markings on the dropper as your guide, starting with the smallest possible dose and working your way up until you achieve the results you want.

4. Topical Products

In addition to inhaled and ingested CBD products, you'll find CBD in a variety of topical creams, oils, and patches. You can even get body soaps infused with CBD. You apply these products directly to the skin, allowing them to penetrate the tissues and stimulate your body's endocannabinoid system. Topical CBD products can prove especially helpful if you want to target specific aches, pains, or inflamed areas.

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