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4 Reasons Seniors Should Consider CBD

As people get older, they typically encounter various age-related health challenges, from physical aches and pains to changes in mood, sleep habits, or cognitive powers. While many individuals accept these problems as natural consequences of getting older, others actively seek safe, effective methods to minimize their impact.

If you find yourself starting to struggle with these issues, you should know about the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) to ease your symptoms. Take a look at the following four benefits that might make your life as a senior citizen more comfortable and productive.

1. CBD May Ease Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Osteoarthritis commonly develops after many years of wear and tear on the joints, making it a common complaint among seniors (although younger people can also have it). The cartilage in the joints gradually wears out, reducing the cushioning between bones. This degeneration leads to painful friction, stiffness, joint swelling, and inflammation.

CBD has displayed some ability to ease these symptoms. Studies conducted in 2014, 2016, and 2017 all indicated that this cannabinoid could reduce the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. In addition to orally ingested CBD products, manufacturers produce CBD-infused topical creams that you can rub into painful joints.

2. CBD May Help Seniors Sleep Better

People experience sleep disorders for a variety of reasons, from anxiety and chronic pain to biological changes. Seniors can have more trouble falling asleep and staying asleep than younger individuals. This lack of sleep can produce troublesome daytime irritability, mental impairment, and drowsiness.

Research on CBD has suggested that this cannabinoid can work as a sedative to encourage easier and more restful sleep. It appears to achieve this effect by reducing levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol normally helps you wake up in the morning, but too much of it can also keep you awake at night.

3. CBD May Support Age-Related Mood Challenges

Seniors face a variety of circumstances that can lead to mood disorders. The loss of a spouse, relocation to a nursing facility, poor sleep quality, chronic pain, and physical limitations can all contribute to problems such as anxiety, major depression, and dysthymia (a combination of depression and irritability).

If you have felt agitated, depressed, or prone to mood swings as you've gotten older, you may gain some relief from CBD products. In one survey of sufferers from mood disorders, 92 percent of respondents reported some relief from their symptoms, with 68 percent noting a significant reduction in nervousness.

Despite these exciting findings, you shouldn't consider CBD a substitute for prescription medication, especially for any condition involving your mental health. If you currently receive care for a mental or emotional disorder, ask your doctor whether you should add CBD to your treatment regimen.

4. CBD May Help Seniors Fight Dementia

Dementia occurs all too commonly in the senior population. In addition to Alzheimer's disease, older individuals may also fall prey to vascular dementia related to poor blood flow to the brain. Other diseases that cause dementia may also make their first appearances later in life, potentially making seniors unable to care for themselves.

CBD shows promise as a tool for fighting back against these causes of dementia. For instance, its anti-inflammatory effects may reduce the impact of Alzheimer's disease, in which inflammation plays a prominent role. It may also help to boost brain function and limit the damage that vascular dementia creates.

As noted above, CBD may complement some forms of treatment, but it doesn't serve as a replacement for establishment treatment methods. Your doctor can advise you further on how (or even whether) to use CBD in conjunction with medication or other strategies.

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